Kogi East; Group Urge Voters To Reject APC’s N.5m Per Polling Unit Cash At Hand Offer And Stick With Elders Resolution.

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The AAA group known as Atai Aidoko Ali support group has called on voters in Kogi east senatorial district to adhere with the Kogi east elders council (KEEC) on the 2019 general election.

In a statement made by the spokesman of the AAA Mr. Idris Yakubu, the group noted that the decision of Kogi east elders council (KEEC) to adopt the people’s democratic party (PDP) as the official party of the people of the area should not be taken with levity in view of the plans by Kogi sponsored arrangement to buy votes of each electorate in the area.

The spokesperson also stated that the APC controlled state government has budgeted N10,000 per voter and N500,000 per polling unit for votes buying in Kogi east district he compelled the people of the area to embark on aggressive enlightenment among electorates to halt the dubious moves by the Kogi government.

He also added that Senator Atai Aidoko is the official candidate of the elders of the area in the rescheduled national assembly elections.
He advised that the Kogi east particularly the youths to be vigilant, And that they should track anywhere the votes trading is taking place and stop it as the act negates the collective decision to sweep away Yahaya’s Bello maladministration targeted at the Igala/Bassa nation amd Kogi state in general, he commended the collective efforts of the people of Kogi east and the determination to vote all the PDP[ candidates.

Reminding the voters that voting for any APC candidate in the forth coming elections will promote the re-election of Governor Yahaya Bello.
Idris said that the partial position of the INEC both in Kogi and outside will fail.

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