Assembly Poll; Police Arrest Suspected APC Thug With Pistol In Yagba West

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The Police in Yagba West LGA of Kogi state have arrested one Segun Olu, a suspected political thug in Egbe found with a pistol in Isaba polling unit.

Segun Olu was over powered by the electorates in a polling unit in Egbe, and handed over to the police.

While at the police station, Olu confessed that he was asked to scare away voters and pick the ballot boxes.

He equally added that he was on the instruction of the Local Government Administrator, Timi Joseph, to scare away voters and snatch the ballot box.
Commenting on the incident, the Executive Secretary of Consumer Protection Council (CPC), Barr. Babatunde Irukera confirmed that the thug was arrested in his polling unit.
“I saw him personally. I was right there when he was apprehended. I have insisted on subjection to the full weight of the law,” he said.
Meanwhile, reports from the local government alleged that the administrator of Yagba West LGA has been on rampage, unleashing mayhem on voters in Egbe, Odoere, trying to snatch ballot boxes.

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