Taufiq Isah On Rampage, Leading Thugs To Snatch Ballot Boxes Across Ijumu

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Ijumu Local Government Administrator, Alhaji Taufiq Isah has been moving round various polling units in the local government, leading thugs to snatch ballot boxes.

Speaking to newsmen, an eye witness told our reporters that the whole town of Aiyegunle Ggede was thrown into panic as armed thugs and security agents led by the Administrator stormed the polling unit in the community, snatching ballot boxes meant for House of Assembly elections.
According to him, “electorates of the community came out in their large number to excercise their franchise until about 1.30pm when thugs led by the Administrator invaded Okeleti polling unit and carted away all electoral materials in a gestapo manner. This was characterised by sporadic shooting of guns into the air which led the people to run for their lives. They later drove towards Ayeh Gdede road in a convoy if four cars led by the Administrator.”

Confirming the incident, the Executive Director of Centre for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution (CHRCR), Comrade Idris Miliki described Taufiq’s actions as unacceptable.

“Issah Taofiq, the administrator of Ijumu came to Aiyegunle Gbedde ward at about 1:30pm today and snatched ballot box with his entourage at gunpoint. This is unfortunate and unacceptable,” Miliki said.
Other polling units in the local government were no spared as the PDP agent at Odokoro Gbede was beaten by thugs loyal to Hon Taofiq Isah before taking him to an unknown destination.
At Ekinrin Adde, the rampaging Administrator led thugs who shot ADC agent, Mr Allen Dare. Allen was rushed to a nearby clinic where he is currently receiving treatment. However, the defiant youths of Ekinrin Adde stood their ground agent the marauding thugs.

Commenting on the Ogidi incident, Otunba Shuaib Ipinmisho hailed the courageous youths for standing up against tyranny.

“Human shield for our votes. Ogidi rose against Taofiq terror. He fled with his agents of death,” Ipinmisho said.

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