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The emergence of His Excellency Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello is no doubt a phenomena that so many are yet to understand,this has been the subject topic of so many but to the progressives it is just *DESTINY* in play as a child of destiny cum grace must surely fulfilled his purpose in life.

Starting from His primary election that started like a joke,he keeps waxing stronger as the youngest and most vibrant aspirant among the then aspirants and to the glory of God and the shame of men he became second and was the only aspirant that traverses round the whole state to know the nooks and crannies of the state,this is no doubt a man that has dream and focus knowing fully well that he was called to come and put the wrongs right and to rebuild a new Kogi that will be devoid of sentiment,tribalism and segregation of all sort.

Fate has it and he became second against all odds. Nov 2015, came as a shocker as our Hero in Kogi State Politics His Excellency Late Prince Abubakar Audu (R.I.P)who became the flag bearer of *APC* after the primary election was leading in the election before the news of his demise sprang up cum election that was declared inconclusive.

Destiny began to play up when His Excellency Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello was named as the replacement for Late Prince Abubakar Audu as the candidate of the *ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS* against all odds and by grace and divinity he became the 4th Executive Governor of The confluence state of Kogi.

After his emergence as Governor he faces serious litigation but a child of destiny and grace can’t be fought to a stand still as he was uphold the winner of the 2015 Gubernatorial election in Kogi State by the highest court in Nigeria which is the Supreme Court.

After the tussle,Governance became the next thing and he first look at the security architecture of the state and sent all criminals,kidnapers and bandits packing out of Kogi State with his proactive measure towards security.

Kogi became a safe place for all and sundry to stay and do business of all sort. This gave our Digital Governor a whole lot of credit as he was awarded the *BEST GOVERNOR ON SECURITY* which remains even till this moment of my writing.

The staff screening exercise become prerogative measure of cleansing our already battered civil service which was commended by every progressive citizens of Kogi state and beyond considering the atrocities committed by previous Government in the civil service sector.

The palliative measure put in place by His Excellency will in no distant time be of great help to the state even after his two tenure in office by the special grace of God as we will then understand that the long term advantage of the exercise is far above what we think it is and we will then know that *GYB* meant well for our dear state.

My visit to *SDG* office and project sites across the state made me to understand that the man *GYB* is working as no state will benefit such projects from *SDG* and wouldn’t have pay counterpart fund. The SA on *SDG* Arch. Abdulmimin Okara stands tall in his achievement via the peoples loving Governor.

His Excellency Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello, also looked into our then *BOARD OF INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE* and gave it a face lift and granted them full autonomy to operate and they changes from Board of internal Revenue to *KOGI INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE* with Senator Elect for Kogi Central *Alh. Yakubu Oseni* as the pioneer chairman of the service.

On health sector Governor Yahaya Adoza bello is second to none as he takes proactive measures in making sure that the health of his citizenry are not in jeopardy,no wonder Kogi state Ministry of Health under the leadership of Dr. Saka Haruna is waxing stronger even as I penned this down.In job creation many may not know that GYB has through his diverse programmes created job opportunities to many Kogi youths that was stranded for years.

Thousands of kogites was employed in *KGIRS*,Ministry of Health, YESSO,KGCDSA,KOGIS,KOGI NEW MAP,AGENCIES,PARASTATALS to mention but few.In term of dividends of Democracy to his citizens,His Excellency Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello stand tall among equals as he is a promise keeper Governor, for those close to him said he doesn’t joke with his promises and this he has demonstrated in the fair sharing of projects across the three senatorial districts. No wonder *HE IS CALLED THE TALK AND DO GOVERNOR* his projects cuts across Kogi west, Kogi East and Kogi central. Road networks, water provision,electricity,industrialization of Kogi State( Ejiba Rice mill),Transportation(Confluence express),Health care delivery and to mention but few.

In Agricultural sector,Governor Bello through his Commissioner for Agriculture has turn Kogi State to Agricultural Hub of the nation and his project on this cuts across the 3 senatorial districts and this is evident everywhere.

Kogi state under the leadership of His Excellency Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello has touches lives especially the youths and this will be seen on my next episode of the series.All thanks to the people’s Governor of Kogi State
*God bless Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello**God bless Kogi State*
Kunle Ola

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