Kogi State poly kick against new tuition

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Students of the Kogi state polytechnic,lokoja have been thrown into State of concerns with the news of rise in their school fees. The institution which is resuming new academic sessions on [today]monday 6th of January announced the new tuition fees for fresh and new students to the institution on Friday. The new fees came with 25 percent increase for both indigene and non-indigene students.previously ,indigene students would pay 38,500 while non-indigene used to pay 44,500. The new fees as announced by the school will now see indigenes of the state to pay 47,050 while non-indigene will have to pay 58,050.this didn’t include the acceptance and registration fees that must be paid earlier. Meanwhile ,students of the institution owned by Kogi state governments have decried the move by the management of the school describing it as weakness..The however appealed to the leadership of the students union of the school to appeal to the authorities of the institution and state government on how to return the fees to previous rates.

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