Abubakar Sadiq Amodu A Disappointment To Abocho, Igala Land.

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To say that I am disappointed at what Abubakar Sadiq Amodu, the undeserved President of Igala Cultural Development Association (ICDA) has become is an understatement, to say the least, he is a personification of a greedy soul who thinks nothing but ‘fast food’.
I have read different outcries from individuals and groups calling for his removal and ostracization from the revered Igala Cultural and Development Association, an organization created to promote Igala culture and people to the rest of the world, unify Igala people to speak one voice in furthering the cause of Igala nation and defend the image and integrity of Igala nation at all times However, what we have as ICDA under his leadership is a group of hungry fellows who are using the name of the association to look for food, even forbidden foods stained with the blood of Igala people. We have seen how this young man and his team of ‘longer-throated’ Exco stood against Igala nation, campaigned and promoted Enemuneme, orchestrated the death of our brothers even from Abocho where he comes from and relegated Igala nation to the background all because he saw the ICDA leadership as an opportunity to make money instead of opportunity to serve Igala nation. I am from Abocho in Biraidu District, a with people of impeccable character, well cultured and well nurtured to occupy leadership position.

I am pained that this boy has dragged our names into disrepute engaging in abominable acts to tarnish our names and put question mark on our integrity to hold trust of an office. Where he got his character and behaviour from is still a subject of research for some of us.

I want to let the whole world know that we are not like this and should not be judged by the activities of desperate fellow who can do anything for money. I apologize on behalf of the people of Abocho and pray that his activities does not affect our chances as he should be judged by his name and not where he comes from

. – Atokolo Jacob wrote from Emewe Opada, Kogi State.

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