LG Poll:Yagba West The Said Endorsement Of The Council Administrator Lost Before Arrival.

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Our attention has been drawn to the purported sponsored endorsement of Yagba council administrator as the next executive chairman of Yagba west local government.

The permutations is already dead and has been buried on arrival based on the following reasons

The administrator of Yagba west local government is from ward 02 Oke-Egbe and the ward has taken above their fair share of political positions in the local government area

This ward has benefited immensely several political positions both elected and appointed in the past and as at present

We have our well established conventional arrangement in Yagba west on power sharing formula for both house of assembly and chairmanship of the local government.

We have two axis in Yagba west, Area and Town council and political offices is always rotated between the two axis

For equity, fairness and justice, it is a known and well established fact, that it is the turn of area council axis to produce the next council chairman in Yagba west

Can house of assembly and council chairmanship be retain in town council simultaneously, and to worsen the case from the same ward, Is there justice, fairness and equity in that?

What will be the stake of area council?

Ward 02 Oke-Egbe the ward of the endorsed candidate is enjoying the office of Yagba west administrator for close to four years and the same time the ward also produces the current house of assembly member representing Yagba west constituency on four years tenure of office.

Will the same ward 02 Oke-Egbe still retain the forthcoming executive chairman of Yagba west?

This same ward in Yagba west has produced two former elected executive chairman of the council before, Engr Ladi Adeniyi and late chief Aindero of blessed memory.

These two former elected council chairman are from the same ward 02 Oke-Egbe

Is there justice in agitation for the next elected council chairman in that same ward?

What is the rationale behind the endorsement, is it logical, fair and just?

Loyalty has been advanced as a major reasons for the purported sponsored endorsement

Is it the council administrator alone that is loyal or worked for the success of GYB in Yagba west or collective responsibility ?

The fact remains that ward 02 Oke-Egbe can not retain the executive chairman of Yagba west local government again with all this lopsided political positions in that same ward.

For equity, fairness and justice its the turn of Area council axis of the local government to produce the next executive chairman of Yagba west local government

The permutations of the organizers of this endorsement is already dead and buried on arrival.

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