Olorunnipa Ayodeji Olusegun.:Son Of The Soil.-A man Worth Knowing.

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Olorunnipa Ayodeji Olusegun is a BSc holder in Estate Management from the Federal University of Technology, Minna. He is the son of the Late Kogi State INEC Chairman, Chief Philip Olorunnipa who was politically assassinated in office in 2004. His father was also the first Executive Chairman of Kabba Bunu Local Government in 1992 with a standing record of the Best Executive Chairman till date.

Such an excellent record has endeared the people of Kabba Bunu to the Olorunnipa’s family which was expressed by the massive demonstrations on the streets and offices for weeks and months by both the young and the old after the politically killing of the people’s man over 16 years ago.

Over the years, “Sleeq” like he’s popularly called by the Kogi Youths has grown out of his Father’s shadow to become a successful entrepreneur and a proud role model to a lot of youths not only in Kogi but across the country so much that he was used as a project topic for Project Management Students in the University of Ibadan just a few years ago.

A successful Estate Manager, a proud owner of one of the biggest record labels in the entertainment industry, an international business consultant with a very high political sagacity.

His rare ability to convert viewership to followership is one of his greatest strengths and that has continually endeared him to so many brands both within and outside the country. His wealth of experience from serving as his Father’s personal assistant to his own acquired experience as an entrepreneur from the very early age of 19 always gives him the edge over his competitors.

He’s truly a son of the soil. Despite his very busy schedule, he never ceases to come back home once every month (sometimes even more) to impact his people with his wealth of experience acquired from all these places, constantly reminding them of the bright future ahead.

Olorunnipa Ayodeji Olusegun is fully devoted to community development, which he does by engaging and equipping Kogi youths to be the change they want to see. His patriotism to Kogi State and absolute commitment to service will only further cream our Kogi dreams if given the platform to serve not also forgetting to highlight the sense of indebtedness amongst the Kogi people towards the family to raise a new political hero from the family so as to subside the emotional pains the people are still experiencing from the shock of the untimely death of their hero.

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