Buhari And His Chief Of Staff Abba Kyari Sneaked Out Of The Country .

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President Muhammadu buhari and his chief of staff abba kyari was said to have sneaked out of the country as of yesterday being the 25th of March 2020,

in a voice note release to the public yesterday by an unknown woman who claims to have firsthand knowledge about the whole issue,says that ,

my friends husband is an Air Force pilot who came from Dubai almost 2 weeks ago he is currently in self isolation with his wife ,so he was supposed to be the pilot handling the flight,but because he is under quarantine he can’t ,he had to get someone els to do it and even if the person he got was complaining that why would they want to put them at harms way,but you know a command must be obeyed

So as of now the president and his chief of staff have sneaked out of the country leaving it citizens to their fate ,she further prayed that they don’t return alive adding that they didn’t fix this country in a way that we should have at least be prepared for things like this ,If the president had closed all means of entering the country as advised from the unset we won’t have to even deal with this numbers that we are having,but because he needed to wait on his daughter and some other persons to get into the country ,we are here with the fear of this deadly virus she said .

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