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Fellow Kogites, the enfant terrible in the Lugard house has just wasted a hundred days in office. It was such a colossal wastes to the fragile economy of the state, though, never thought possible seeing a government that was liberated from the messianic grips of those grandstanding ahead of 2023, I knew it would be status quo. They told us during their coronation that they lose a propaganda war.

Whereas I could not tell of the magnificent deceit aimed at luring the general public from fact, chances of our governor waking up to reality becomes impossible by day. Where are his cohorts; those manslaughters who lynched democratic procedures just to sail the white Lion to office? I demand accountability for his hundred days in office. Because as far as I can see, the road is deserted!

Even the pretender-democrats who felt allotting offices to themselves with cosmic believe that Bello is their saviour had gone asleep. They don’t even resume office anymore, perhaps, files are kept intact as the Lord of Lugard now visits unannounced. What goes around comes around. While they gnash their teeth in perplexity and uncertainty, it’s apparent the evil days are here.

Towards the expiration of the dictator’s first regime, he was availed the sum of N10.8 billion for projects he never carried out on behalf of Federal Government. We thought it would be a huge start for the incoming government, even if he rigs his way back to office. On the contrary, we were taken astern when the news agog that plans were perfected for acquisition of $100 million loan as soon as the white Lion commences his second regime. We hinted the public and his gullible social media tyrants in turn labeled us as WAILERS. When it was officiated, we embacked on protest but of course, our effort was truncated by his representatives in both state and Federal legislative chambers who skyrocketed Bello’s request within the shortest time.

One hundred days down the line, infrastructure is moribund, Social welfare is a crying shame and security architecture remains a mocking reference.
Kogi’s debt profile is on the rise with virtually the entire FAAC allocation servicing external debt of about N223 billion monthly. In return, Kogi state is currently the hub of criminals such as robbery, kidnapping, killing and even human richuals. No one is spared of this brunts.
In fact, how do you describe the life threatening beggar’s portion of N3,000 been paid to workers as salary? Or the the neck breaking health sector still dilapidated amidst the raging convid-19 pandemic- I don’t want to believe he currently shield the state of the virus out of political interest. But it is apparent every policy and action is at the beck and call of sheer sycophancy and visionlessness.

Where is the $100 million loan? Better still, has the establishment of food processing zone commenced? How modernized or what steps has the government indeed taken to modernize Agriculture as it earlier alleged?
The governor through his commissioner for information gave himself out; “We have gotten the approval of $100 million loan for establishment of staple food processing zone as well as modernisation of our Agricultural system”. He did not exonerate himself of government’s usual media job creation as he was further quoted thus, “the project would create over 2 million direct and indirect job”. That was the end of the story, nothing tangible had happened thereafter. Not even the social media gangs. And one is tempted to believe that the $100 million may have been set aside for impending court case just like the N10.8 which came during the election?
For people like governor Yahaya Bello, a man can never be so lucky. At least, we live in a society where mediocrity is highly celebrated. That is why a public officer’s quid pro quos is easily shielded by few category of individuals. But for the governor, it’s partially unlikely. A certain category of his supporters had gone into hiding. Those ranting at the moment are bearers of third hand informations.

They are not necessarily bothered about authenticating issues as long as it’s the craftsmanship of the first category of supporters. Ironically, the first category is stranded of facts and had reclined. But guess what? The other category is abandoned in its gullible boat waiting for what to lean on. That is why Android comrades nowadays repents either from being a staunch critic or a silence observer. Be that as it may, can anything good comes out of this government? Only time has this answer.

May God help Kogi state.

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