This Is Not Politics,But A Humanitarian Act.

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The senator representing the people of kogi West senator Smart Adeyemi (con) in his speech on the second phase of covid-19 palliative support scheme for Kogi West residents appreciated the committee members and everyone who took out time to come ,saying that their taking out time to come is an act of love for him ,he further added that they should see their act of coming here as one in respective of their political parties,we are all one in the eyes of God

Adding that money can fail humans ,position can also fail human too but what can never fail oneself is what you have done for your fellow human beings,your ability to care for people is what makes you a good leader, I don’t believe in rascals buying cars and claiming that they are working,I don’t believe in accumulating wealth for myself,I believe in writing my name on the hearts of my people. A good leader must put into consideration how his people will not forget his Goodwill when he leaves office.

Striving to make a difference has always been my priority, when I was in the 6/7 senate I distributed more than 400 hundred vehicles,sponsored people to Jerusalem and mekkah, I was able to build boreholes in many communities, he further said that he is not here for politics but people will always have a way of making one to talk , the last time I was here and I said that “as far as I am concerned I am totally committed to H.E Alhaji Yahaya Bello, and some persons went on social media to be saying that I have sold our people Yahaya Bello is our brother if I have any issues or there are issues affecting Kogi West I will never make it public I will go to him and talk to him as a brother, if he accepts fine if he dose that I cant fight him , I will hope for another day of request. I Smart will never engage or say something contrary against Gov Yahaya Bello because I was privileged of being his DG campaign. Politics most be synonymous with integrity with morality with faith and sincerity of purpose

Governor Yahaya Bello has been fair to kogi west senatorial district and you all know that I will be the last person to compromise our people but I can say this for a certainty that no governor has been fairer to the people of kogi west since the creation of kogi aside the late Prince Abubaker Audu who left some land marks in our senatorial district. There is a saying that politicians don’t have morality,well for me Smart I do am a Christian and I pray and believe in it Devine power. He added that him bringing this 2 tuns of triller of beans after the first batch of rice is just the beginning, I will serve passionately, I will serve with all commitments and I will never mislead you my people whatsoever I knew is good I will do it for my people, like I told you this is not me doing this because I want a thank you but I know that for a fact that it will be in your minds that I did something for you all . Let us embrace oneness

For this second palliative I invited more women because woman are caring and have love for children and I invited the youths to too because they are part of this family. He further pleaded with the chairman Alhaji Tafiq to pay close attention so as to ensure that it gets to every household and other residents there be it igbos,Ebira,igala and all this is not politics this is a humanitarian service everyone should have a feel of it

Nigeria may going into recession soon looking at the the way our crude oil price is dropping down ,he advised that women particularly should Invest in agriculture I am saying this because I owe you this information he sated to enable us all to manage and invest wisely .

He finally commended the efforts of the commissioner for information who has on more than countless occasions defended this government form false media saying that before this present administration Kogi has had bad media but with his appointment he is proud to say that not as a politician but as a journalist and a former President of Nigeria union of journalist that he is proud of him and the way he has rebuked and took a stand towards good journalism . He also went ahead to commend other commissioner who were present saying that the governor made a very wise decision with his appointments, kogi will be better with all of us working hand in hand pray for the governor pray for Nigeria.

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